Shine your light into my lens, badass! This is a celebration of YOU in the NOW. In this session we’ll capture beautiful evidence of what it looks and feels like to be you, in this unique time in your life. What lights you up? What do you need to express? We'll move and groove together and you'll forget you were ever camera shy. Let’s boogie like it's your birthday, baby 📷💃

This is most popular amongst badass women seeking creative ways to express and celebrate. This investment is also perfect if you want new photos to freshen up your website, marketing materials, and social profiles. Most importantly, you'll have a reminder of what you look like today in all your badassery. If you own a business and want to represent your products and services with photos, please check out the Bosses & Brands Photography option below.

This session includes:

  • Self-reflection form to gain clarity of what your photos will reflect

  • 20-30 minute chat (phone) to develop a vision for our session

  • Vision board together to share inspiration for our session

  • 1.5-3 hour photo session (time can vary based on location and production of each session)

  • 2-3 outfits (+1 bonus outfit: something you’ve ALWAYS wanted to wear but may have never found the time or absolute confidence to rock it. This is your chance to rock it!)

  • 1-2 locations

  • Light retouching on skin, clothing, and hair

  • 30 digital final images of YOU in the NOW ready for print and web

*Are you interested in getting even more comfortable in your own body and in front of the camera? Stay tuned for my SEE YOURSELF individual and group sessions coming September 10th.