"25 has been a weird year." - Me

"You've had 2 weird years, Regi." - A truthful friend

Indeed. It's been a time filled with rapid change. A lot of figuring out what I'm doing and why. I'm learning a lot about myself, about what resonates and what doesn't. I’m making decisions quicker about what fits my life and forever exploring. Practicing packing light in every aspect and listening inward. Crashing on couches, traveling, sharing rooms and spaces with all sorts of wonderful people.

These past few months I've reassured that peace comes from within and you can take it with you anywhere you go. I often bank on things to make me feel settled or ready to act. "When blank happens, then I can start doing blank." Like, "I'll start working out when I move closer to the gym." Or, "when I have a perfectly peaceful space, I'll meditate." Why wait?

I went to a Kundalini class recently where our teacher pointed out that this behavior is sort of redundant, because the point of meditating is to find that peaceful place within yourself, in the adversity of it all." Eye opener right?! I practiced this for the past 2-3 months as I rode the YesMad* wave, which I believe to be a crucial stage in every free-spirited human’s life.

Now I’m settling into my beautiful new room with all my stuff that had been in storage for a few months. I got really good at living out of a big brown suitcase in various corners of the world, but I'm ready for a home base. Except that now, I have a new perspective of my own space. It's not a place to store things that I never use, or simply have my own bed to sleep on, it's more about creating an environment where I can feel light, creative, and inspired. 

As I sit at my new old desk, I’m feeling pretty darn grateful for the roller coaster of an experience the Universe embarked me on. I mean, that was fucking FUN! Sure, there were times where I was like WHAAAA why is EVERYTHING up in the air and change is frustrating and what the hell is this all for?! But they were balanced out by times of YESSSS this is the best opportunity ever, I GET to see a million people that I love all in a short amount of time because EVERYTHING IS UP IN THE AIR, so therefore, so will I. Flying through life like a fairy in watermelon shoes, until I found my ground.

I’ve reached the ground and I’m ready to walk it barefoot. Welcome home, feel rooted.

Things I've learned in my few months as a YesMad:

1. Peace lives within. Close your eyes and meditate, anywhere.

2. If you wanted to do something, you'd already be doing it, regardless of where you are. (Eat healthy, working out, painting, working on that one project, etc)

3. Be open to receiving love and support. We all have more angels on Earth than we know and it's obvious when they take you into their homes and nourish you with great vibes. 

4. Adventure is always around the corner, don’t just sit there!

5. If something doesn't make you the happiest ever, why keep it around? (This applies to all things - clothes, people, habits, career paths, food, everything)

6. Go with the flow. Let the small stuff wash right off you without making it a big deal.

7. Look every stage of life in the eye and embrace it, hug the shit out of it because it’s happening for a reason and there’s no point in resisting change.

8. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Love YOU.

9. Home is where you are, so BE HERE. Welcome yourself home and realize you’ve been here all along.

*YesMad: a more positively vibrated word for Nomad.