©Regina Felice Garcia, 2015

©Regina Felice Garcia, 2015

Surround yourself with individuals who stand on mountains, regardless of where they are.

Feeling the powerful FLOW. The thing that happens when you open your heart and focus your energy on what you believe in – when you step up to the plate, when you build up the courage to do YOU, the best you – when you realize you’re holding the pen to your own story.

I’m so incredibly proud of my amazing tribe that constantly inspires me. Today has been filled with moments of, HOLY SHIT LIFE IS SO GOOD RIGHT NOW. We’re doing it – we’re creating opportunities, we’re doing the work, we’re pouring our hearts into it, and we are supported.

Today I witnessed the fruits of what my *soul family has been pouring their everything into lately. Here’s to thriving in careers, to creating new opportunities, to healing hearts, to offering new perspectives, to making everlasting connections, to beautiful skylines, to surprise notes from the universe, and to taking leaps of absolute confidence and faith.

I believe our relationships are merely reflections of ourselves, and the mirror was extra shiny today. So much love. And GRATITUDE, always infinite gratitude.

*Soul family: the individuals that immediately connect to our soul, as if we’ve know one another forever (because we have), and from that moment, our lives are forever intertwined. 

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