A few days prior to this camping trip, I had a dream that I was flying. I didn’t have wings so it was more of a superhero glide over a coast. There was ocean to my left and land to my right. I was using the length of beaches to guide me because I knew exactly how long the sand stretch looked at my home – which evidently I was flying to.

On my way I stopped on a bench swing that was hanging from thin air. I sat there as I talked to my dad on the phone, laughing our loud cackle about who knows what. Once we hung up I was on my way again and that’s the last thing I remember.

I was telling a friend this story as we drove down the coast to find a space to experience the vastness. When we arrived, I dangled my feet over the edge of the coast from my flying dream. I remembered it so vividly, it felt so real – it felt like this. There was no one around and I could see all my thoughts and make them go completely silent. I could easily let myself feel.

It feels so good to get outdoors and zoom out to see just a little bit more of the bigger picture. My heart is full.

Thank you, California.